Monday, April 23, 2012

Rowerdeenan Kona Kai Alii of Rockledge!

Kona Kai has been waiting on the sidelines since the current focus has been on his uncle, Monte and his sister, Kamea.  Well now he is demanding his time in the limelight.     

As some of you already know  Kona Kai is one of the puppies I brought back from Hawaii.  There were 16 pups from the Brigham X Rebekka litter.  He is one of the pups I  brought back with me.  I am posting a group picture just to complete the image of what having 16 little ones can be. I can not explain how difficult it was for 3 off us to keep track of them when they were let out to play in the yard.  I will also like to express my admiration for Breeder, Anne Scheffelmaier who whelped and raised the litter while holding a full time job as a Real Estate Broker.  I tip my hat to you Anne, in   appreciation for the fine work you did in raising such a healthy bunch.

Here are a couple of pictures of Kona Kai as a young pup at Sundance, Utah were he is enjoying the changes of scenery and climate.  Like my other 2 dogs he enjoys the majestic mountains and open fields, the opportunity to run along the Provo river with his handler/owner Tom Jones and once in a while chase the wild turkeys and elk that make frequent visits to our property.

Ten weeks old!
                                                                           Can we get to know each other?


Playing with brother, Lance!     

This is what I see from my back yard and I am tempted to chase if only I can convince my daddy, Brigham that we will not be in trouble with mom and dad. 

More to came on this young boy, I have lots of catching up to do.                                                   

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Monte and Kamea Litter

The long wait is over for Kamea, she whelped 10 healthy puppies on the 14th of April, starting at about 2:15 AM and finished about 7:45 AM. There are 6 females-5B/W and 1Liver, 4 males, 3B/W and 1Liver and no patches.

Now Kamea is busy cleaning and feeding puppies, they are healthy, strong and rigorously nursing.  The next 3 weeks will be a very busy time for  Kamea's since puppies need warmth, food and lots of sleep in close proximity to their dam.

Please check on my  Puppy Blog for new pictures and any other information you may be interested in regarding these puppies!  

You can also visit Co-Breeder, Tim & Hilary Farris website: http://www.nobledalmatians/

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Litter Announcement Update

It looks like Miss Kamea is going to have at least 10 puppies according to her last x-ray but we have to wait until the end of the week to find out since she is now 8wks into her pregnancy and should have just a couple more days before she whelps.  Hilary is definitely ready for puppies, she has done her whelping box and prepared all other necessary items she will need.  She is now charting temperature patterns and any other signs Kamea may give her to indicate that her time is near.

Here is Kamea at 12:00 Noon today at her
home in Ohio:

She sure looks ready to me!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Many of you know that Monte had been out of  competition due to a shoulder injury he suffered as he was running alongside the bicycle that my husband was riding.  After many months of rest and later therapy Monte has healed from his injury.  However, our main concern was how much damage the injury had caused and when can he return to his normal activities that he so enjoyed.   
The long wait is now over and after more than a year, Monte has achieved full recovery .  He was back in competition late last year to participate in the 2 Specialties which were part of the 5 day events scheduled in Southern California.  On 11/4/2011 at the Dalmatian Club of Southern California Specialty, Monte received the award of "Select Dog" under Judge, Mrs. Carolyn Herbel.  We were thrilled with how well he showed. Winning his first 5 point Major towards his new AKC Grand Championship was the icing on the cake.   After the 2 Specialty shows that same day, we knew he had totally recovered physically and mentally. We went back home to Sundance and began to plan on his next year's entries on limited basis.

His comeback started in January 2012 with shows in Palm Springs, California were he again picked up points toward his Grand Championship by going "Select Dog"  and picking up a 3 point and a 4 point Major in a lineup of Top 20 Specials.  

The weather in Palm Springs was wonderful and the social atmosphere terrific. We all had fun and shared many wonderful stories during the 4 days that we were there. The dogs had a great time relaxing and enjoying the hours they  spend at our friend's house taking advantage of the big yard to let off steam.

February 23, 2012 we headed back to Southern California to deliver Monte's sweetheart, Kamea to LAX for her flight back to Ohio where her owner, Hilary Farris was waiting her arrival.  Monte and Kamea had enjoy the time together and had achieved a successful breeding.

On February 24, 2012 Monte was back in the ring at Del Mar, California. He was taking a little bit more time than usual to get refocus on the competition,  but on the first day of the Dalmatian Club of San Diego Specialty he and his handler got it all together and were presented with an "Award of Merit" by Breeder/Judge, Sharon Lyons. 

At the end of the 3 days of showing, Monte was holding down his competition which consisted of several Top 20 dogs and was able to captured 2 more ribbons, a "Best of Opposite Sex" and another "Award of Merit" at the All-Breed Shows.

The weekend had being very successful and now Monte and his Handler needed to get back to focusing on what lay ahead.  We decided to go back to Palm Springs to enjoy the weather and wait for the next challenge.

The 29th of February we headed to Scottsdale, Arizona to participate in the Dalmatian Club of Greater Phoenix Specialty.  On March 3rd Monte once again exceeded our expectations by winning "Best In Specialty Show" under Breeder/Judge, Ms. Harriet Haydon.  At the end of the show Monte had taken 2 additional  "Select Dog" ribbons.  The magic seems to happen with Monte and his most devoted owner/handler, Tom Jones, who has also fully recovered from his most recent surgery.

We will cherish all these moments, thank you Monte we could not ask more of you!