Monday, April 23, 2012

Rowerdeenan Kona Kai Alii of Rockledge!

Kona Kai has been waiting on the sidelines since the current focus has been on his uncle, Monte and his sister, Kamea.  Well now he is demanding his time in the limelight.     

As some of you already know  Kona Kai is one of the puppies I brought back from Hawaii.  There were 16 pups from the Brigham X Rebekka litter.  He is one of the pups I  brought back with me.  I am posting a group picture just to complete the image of what having 16 little ones can be. I can not explain how difficult it was for 3 off us to keep track of them when they were let out to play in the yard.  I will also like to express my admiration for Breeder, Anne Scheffelmaier who whelped and raised the litter while holding a full time job as a Real Estate Broker.  I tip my hat to you Anne, in   appreciation for the fine work you did in raising such a healthy bunch.

Here are a couple of pictures of Kona Kai as a young pup at Sundance, Utah were he is enjoying the changes of scenery and climate.  Like my other 2 dogs he enjoys the majestic mountains and open fields, the opportunity to run along the Provo river with his handler/owner Tom Jones and once in a while chase the wild turkeys and elk that make frequent visits to our property.

Ten weeks old!
                                                                           Can we get to know each other?


Playing with brother, Lance!     

This is what I see from my back yard and I am tempted to chase if only I can convince my daddy, Brigham that we will not be in trouble with mom and dad. 

More to came on this young boy, I have lots of catching up to do.                                                   

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